Can fish-farming have an edge over
the natural habitat when it comes to caviar?

Firstly, caviar harvested in fish farms helps to maintain and protect the natural stock of sturgeon. Secondly, fish-farmed sturgeon grows in a clean, controlled habitat, which guarantees the freshness and high quality of the eggs.


To start off with the best possible raw materials, we’ve chosen to harvest Acipenser Gueldenstaedti (Ossetra), a species of sturgeon considered to be the very best amongst those allowed to be harvested. Strict controls are applied during each feeding phase (breeding, spawn, larvae) as well as to all other factors that affect the well-being of sturgeon, such as water quality.

What’s more, our technical know-how allows us to monitor each fish separately and to select the donors when they’ve reached the right stage of maturity.

The process of salting and packaging is completed under sterilized conditions, in a special laboratory. Our caviar is never stored; it is always harvested and packaged upon customer order, which guarantees that you will receive only the very best, freshest caviar on the market.