Thanks to a unique ecosystem
and place of origin, the quality of our caviar
is rated as “excellent”.

According to connoisseurs, Ossetra is the most sought-after type of caviar, mainly due to the large size of the eggs. At Thesauri, we set off Ossetra’s unique flavour by strictly following the time-enduring, Russian process of preparation – something that is not always possible with wild sturgeon. We take particular care during the salting process, in order to maintain the finesse of the flavour while accentuating the aftertaste. The end result is not only highly appraised by world experts, but also attracts customers who are relatively new to caviar.

Caviar shouldn’t be just enjoyed, it should be honoured. Allow it to rest on your tongue long enough to release its unique, slightly salty, buttery flavours.

Thesauri was not a name chosen at random. Rather, it’s a name that fully describes our commitment to producing caviar that is among the best in the world.

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Our full range consists of 8 SKUs, each and every one serving a unique taste inclination