thesauri ossetra



Length at first maturity: 85 - 90 cm; maximum length: 200 cm; maximum published weight: 210.0 kg; maximum reported age: 60 years. The back is light grey to dark brown colored. The belly color varies from white to clear yellow Extended snouts; four barbels in front of the mouth. Clearly slit inferior lip. Five rows of scutes: 10-19D, 32-59L, 7-16V. Small star-like scutes between the main ones.

Acipenser baerii is the typical kind of fish of the rivers of Siberia, up to Baikali Lake. Inhabits deep parts of large rivers, with moderate to swift current. Acipenser baerii can live up to sixty years and usually weighs less than 65 kgs. Near spawning periodicity. Spawning periodicity depends on the region and ranges from 1 to 3 years. Reproduction season begins in May and lasts until June, when the temperature ranges from 9 to 18° C. Acipenser baerii feed mainly on benthic organisms, larvae and amphipods.

At present natural stock has been reduced due to the fact that egg laying areas have been reduced by 40% due to damming. At the same time, abnormal oogenesis increases, probably due to chemical and nuclear pollution of water.




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